The world is ever-changing and dynamic. From traditional methods of paper files, folders, books, and notepads to personal computers, laptops and now Ipads; technology have changed not only the way we do business but also the way we live. Technology has changed the way we interact, network, work, store, shop, study and even work. It has completely reformed numerous sectors such as telecommunication, education, healthcare, trade and commerce and so many more. It has reduced our time while ensuring permanency, reduction in errors and space. Technology and digitalization have reformed our world in entirety!

Technology is an innovation. And innovation is ever-happening. The more one innovates by way of technology, the more you make yourself unique. Businesses have adapted the innovative way of working and ensured their companies set themselves apart from the rest. Facebook changed the way social media worked and how people can connect with long lost friends. Alibaba and Amazon changed the way one can shop.

Distances have become smaller with applications such as Skype and Facetime. Students can take online classes without leaving the comfort of their houses. Microsoft changed the way businesses today work. Food can be delivered at your doorstep. The internet has made all sorts of information available at the click of a button!

The world has become digitalized and this has fostered global relationships. To make all these innovations and advancements possible, software and technology are highly critical. It not only fosters better productivity and reduces manpower costs but also, in turn, improves profitability. Therefore, it is not surprising that technology and the software industry are available in every aspect of modern life. The sector alone is worth billions and billions of dollars due to its role in networking, business, internet, and hardware.

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