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Trust Corner Commercial is a group of Wealth Management Experts who had worked hard in building the legacy of outstanding service, expertise, and integrity. We provide market research for business setup and document clearance. We are specialized in oil & gas, healthcare, construction, and technology industry too. Moreover, we advise governments to work with other governments and private companies. In the global market, our presence is in more than 35 countries spread across 4 continents, mainly in the Middle East and Africa. With a strong network and professional workforce, we drive market investments of our clients and create confidence by earning them the best returns on investment that builds their trust on us.


Accomplishing the clients’ long and short term goals by delivering the best possible results based on market research with quality assistance.


To lead the industry in Investment Planning and Consultancy in the Middle East and Africa, empowering our clientele to meet the Global Industry Standards by trusting us.

CEO’s Message

Hatem Al-Shawesh 

A dream of many ideas coming together, with great passion and an opportunity ceased is how Trust Corner Commercial was born. We believe, “The only thing that sustains in this market is the Client’s Trust.” Our aim at building Trust Commerce Commercial is to create an entity independent in all aspects of commercial consultancy. By building on our success in international markets and establishing an exploration and service portfolio, we hope to become recognized as a leading International Business Consultancy. We work closely and tirelessly with our partners and stakeholders in our quest to lead the industry globally.

Our own growth is perpetuated by a dedicated and talented team of people, who provide the company with expertise in business, robust systems, processes and pioneering solutions that make us competitive. We’re committed to harnessing these talents in an environment that encourages creativity and employee-driven innovation.

We see the transformation around us as promising opportunities to create new markets. We are implementing our strategy to make our high-growth businesses independent profit centers and will continue to build the market. We are sharpening our strategy to become one of the world’s most valuable, recognized and admired companies. Our aim is to set an example globally and be recognized for the enormous wealth and value that we create for our partners, stakeholders and the economy.

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